Make Lipid Oils Your Own

Discover, Learn, Explore, Create

With a new oil each month as your guide, you’ll discover methods, create recipes and find new ways to incorporate different oils into your skincare routine and formulas.¬†

New Each Month

  • Discover new recipe ideas and ways to work the oil of the month

  • Look at the specific benefits of that oil for different skincare needs

  • Discover ways to incorporate the oil of the month into different recipes, formulas, and combinations

  • Look at possible substitutions and sources

  • Get access to my recipes, lab notes, and research

  • Find inspiration, ideas and new ways to work with the oils.

Here are a few of the oils we’ve studied to date

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February 2020: To Be Announced

January 2020: Rose Family Oils

December 2019: Pomegranate Seed Oil

November 2019: Cranberry Seed Oil

October 2019: Pumpkin Seed Oil

September 2019: Hibiscus Seed Oil

August 2019: Cupuacu Butter

July 2019: Prickly Pear Seed Oil

June 2019: Tamanu Oil

I’m Susan M Parker, teacher, researcher, writer, explorer and experimenter. My 20 plus years working with carrier oils, lipid oils, and plant butters has given me a deep love and appreciation for these rich, skin nourishing raw materials.¬†This membership is the place to discover, work with, and experiment with the many lipid oils and butters available to us today.

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