Join the lipid oil insiders

a membership for people who love working with lipid oils & plant butters

What is it?

A membership focusing lipid oils and plant butters for skincare, infusing, beauty and health.

You’ll be joining me, Susan M Parker and a group of enthusiastic lipid lovers who are discovering, experimenting with and using oils every day.

Something new each month

New oils are becoming available all the time. Inside the membership I teach workshops on making, share in-depth research on specific oils and go deep on geeky oil topics like rare and exotic fatty acids. 

What’s inside?

Makers’ Workshops

Inside the membership you’ll find workshops and mini courses on making with oils. There’s a body oil workshop, summer skincare oils, infusing basics, facial oils mini course, simple salve making and how to create balms and solid serums. 

Lipid Topics

So many new oils and butters were emerging on the market just as my book Power of the Seed was going to the printer that I couldn’t include. I’ll be researching and teaching on some of these exotic new oils inside the membership.

Oil Monographs

When I was studying herbalism I loved the plant monographs. I’ve brought that concept over to the oils with a growing library of  Oil Monographs for your research and reference.  This is an ongoing project with new oils added each month.

I’m Susan M Parker, teacher, researcher, writer, explorer and experimenter. I’ve been working with the lipid oils for 20 plus years first as an herbalist, then in creating and developing my skincare line and finally, the lipid oils are my full-time focus. I created this membership as a place to focus completely on lipid oils and saturated plant butters for skincare and health.